About Vaporite

Vaporite started manufacturing vaporizers in 2007. Now the new words for vaporizers are Portable Vaporizers, Herb vaporizers, Desktop Vaporizers and Pen Vaporizers. We were however, the first one to introduce Desktop Vaporizers, which till now has been one of the Best rated Vaporizers in the market. After these Top Selling Vaporizer, Vaporite launched a range of Herb Vaporizers and other Portable Vaporizers. Vaporite offer smokers completely tobacco free smoking sensation and have been known for giving the Best Portable Vaporizers to people. Vaporite has always been in the list of Best rated Vaporizers, Best Portable Vaporizers and Top Selling Vaporizers

Vaporite has become the largest selling brand of vaporizers in the world. Vaporite is a registered trademark in countries like U.S.A, China, Australia, Europe, Hongkong and New Zealand. We have also sold our vaporizers at a large scale in countries such as Canada, Spain, U.K, Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Japan.

We have always worked hard over bringing the best quality to people in an affordable price. Vaporite follows one objective of giving the taste of a premium brand to people in a cost effective way We invest heavily, both in device and expertise, to empower us to effectively and expertly analyze vaporizer and the individual elements it contains. Vaporite apprehend the desire for technology by the smokers so we revolutionized ecigarettes by introducing advanced technology in it. We just not make a product of whats technologically possible. But whats technologically useful. Its not just whats next, but what should be next.

How Vaporite is made?

We have diligently tested our products to ensure quality standards and we invest substantially in research and development which means you can have complete assurance that you are using a high tech premium ecigarette.

We hold the capability to give an extraordinary experience to the smokers. Vaporite revolutionized the vaping industry by incorporating advanced technology and providing an intelligent vaping system along with great taste, smooth vapor and high quality. We dont add features simply because we can and because its technologically possible but because they are truly useful and we add them in a way that makes sense.