Goldmann Ent., Alles oder Nix Rec.

As the son of Kurdish asylum seekers, Giwar Hajabi, who was born in Iran, grew up in the
Brüser Berg district of Bonn. Already at the age of nine he received piano lessons
and it was not long before he came into contact with hip-hop culture. 1993
Dr.Dre’s debut album awakened his interest in rap music. As a
Hajabi suffered from poverty and exclusion, which he had to experience in high
had to experience. Due to the aggravated circumstances, he comes into contact with crime as a young adult.
with crime as a young adult, culminating in 2009, when he and three accomplices
accomplices robbed a gold transporter.
In parallel, the Bonn artist always held on to his dream as a musician and
began to produce his own songs under the stage name XATAR in the late 1990s.
to produce his own songs. After he studied between 2005 and 2007 at the
London Metropolitan University International Business and Music Business
he founded the label Alles oder Nix Records. He self-released
his debut album Alles oder Nix in 2008. Even at the time of his imprisonment and escape between
2009 and 2014, the label built itself into one of the most successful German indie
Shortly after his release from prison, in 2015 he released his big comeback
Album Baba aller Babas, with which he reached the first place in the German charts.
This was the starting signal for a steep career, both as a musician and as a
successful entrepreneur. This was followed by the best-selling autobiography Alles oder Nix: Bei
We say the world is yours. Both Xatar himself and his artists
celebrated a series of chart successes and No. 1 placements. He continued to sign
artists under contract, and expanded his label structure for this purpose. At the end of 2018
Hajabi teamed up with distributor Groove Attack to found the label Groove
Attack TraX, which was able to surpass AON Records’ successes. What stands out here
that the artists were built from the ground up to become successful acts.
were built up. In this context, history-making records have already been achieved in 2018.
records were achieved, such as the most listened to German-language single ever.
Various gold and platinum awards could be celebrated across labels. In the
Over the course of his career, he has already worked with the biggest companies in the
industry, including Sony, Universal, Warner, Apple Music, Spotify or Amazon.
In early 2021, the company Goldmann Entertainment was founded, with which
which Hajabi aims to cover the entire entertainment industry. On the
Goldmann Music music label, Hajabi has already signed a number of artists
signed, both international and domestic. Also in the
film industry, he has already celebrated a number of achievements. Among them are
various acting jobs, participation as a producer in Independent Award-
award-winning films and work on film compositions and soundtracks. For this
he worked in collaboration with film greats such as Moritz Bleibtreu or Constantin

Outside the creative industry, Hajabi increasingly came into his own as an entrepreneur. For this
he served various sectors that formed synergies through the cultural influence of his own
core business, music, formed synergies. In mid-2020, he entered the catering industry with Haval Grill
the catering industry and founded his first franchise company.
Meanwhile, the grill’s products are also sold as frozen foods at major
Supermarket chains such as Aldi or Kaufland. He also set up a CBD brand with
market leader position he set up. He also has his own ice cream
brand is in the starting blocks, with the highest listing in Germany. At the beginning of 2021

G-Ventures was founded, with the aim of investing in start-ups and contributing
own resources. Successes have already been achieved with the
Gaming Stars” and “Blume” companies.
In 2022, director Fatih Akin brought the spectacular life of Hajabi to the big screen under the title Rheingold.
Hajabi’s spectacular life onto the big screen. The gangster drama is based on the
autobiographical novel Alles oder Nix (All or Nothing) and portrays the life of the German
rapper and music producer in the center. The course of his life ranges from
lack of social recognition in a refugee home to his position as a major
influence in the current youth and hip-hop culture. This led to his
products are successfully sold even in platforms taken over by DAX companies
and that the same companies have to rely on the advertising of his company
have to rely on the advertising of his company to reach the current youth culture at all.


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