Rüdiger Klos-Neumann

Rüdiger Klos-Neumann

Materia Deutschland Cannabis Großhandel

Rüdiger Klos-Neumann has been a cannabis patient since 2015. Chronic cluster headaches have accompanied him for 27 years. He is currently Commercial and Managing Director of Materia Deutschland GmbH based in Hamburg and Oldenburg.

Materia Deutschland GmbH was founded in Hamburg in June 2018 and is an importer, manufacturer and distributor of medicinal cannabis products. The company has been supplying pharmacies and wholesalers throughout Germany with medical cannabis products such as cannabis flowers and dronabinol (THC) since June 2020. Beginning in June 2022, the company will ship the first Materia cannabis flower with an appealing active ingredient and terpene profile for new and experienced cannabis patients. Extracts based on the cannabinoids THC and CBD complete the range.

For warehousing and delivery, Materia works with very experienced, certified and audited partners who guarantee safe and speedy delivery of the goods.
The continuous supply of the pharmacies and patients is guaranteed by the careful selection of the delivery partners.

Challenges and solutions in cannabis therapy

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The participants want to briefly explain the challenges of the current situation in relation to cannabis as medicine and present viable solutions in the joint discussion, each from their own area.

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