Michael Knodt

Michael Knodt

Journalist, Author and Moderator

Michael Knodt was born in Hesse in 1968 and has lived in Berlin since 1990. He works as a freelance journalist (including Vice-Magazine, grow! ), book author (“Cannabis Extraction”) and moderator (Youtube: “Micha” & “DerMicha” and is considered one of the leading experts on the subject of cannabis and hemp.

“Three (?) Plants for everyone – but how?”

Congress Room

“Three (?) plants for all – but how?” The federal government plans to condone/legalize the cultivation of three (?) flowering cannabis plants starting in 2024 (?). But self-cultivated Cannabis for their own use also raises many questions: Where am I allowed to grow? Who is allowed to grow? How much am I allowed to harvest? […]

Cultivation Legalization