Marcus Reussmann

Marcus Reussmann

Distribution of medical cannabis for Aurora Deutschland GmbH

Marcus Reussmann has been responsible for the distribution of medical cannabis for Aurora Deutschland GmbH since 2018. In addition to establishing distribution structures and wholesale relationships, he is particularly concerned with educating physicians and pharmacists about the use of cannabis in the various indications.
The development of new forms of application, destigmatization of cannabis and improved reimbursability are also important points and to establish cannabis as a medicine.


“The legalized patient – cannabis on prescription even after legalization?”

Congress Room

Germany’s plans to legalize cannabis as a stimulant are currently making waves. In the discussions about the modalities of dispensing, one crucial aspect is being neglected: the future of medical cannabis supply for seriously ill patients. Against this background, we would like to discuss what the supply of medical cannabis should look like in the […]