Florian Rister

Florian Rister

Deputy CEO German Hemp Association (DHV)

Florian Rister studied political science in Marburg and worked in the care of a married couple suffering from MS and a contact shop for drug users with syringe exchange program. Since 2010 he has volunteered for the Alice Project, the Hanf Initiative Frankfurt and joined the German Hemp Association. Since 2014 he works, meanwhile as deputy managing director, for the German Hemp Association – the largest advocacy group of hemp friends and legalization advocates in the German-speaking area. Among other things, he gave many lectures in Germany and abroad on the amended law in Germany regarding cannabis as medicine.

Pad Thai instead of Poffertjes – Thailand as a new stoner mecca?

Congress Room

Comparatively quickly and largely unobserved by the mainstream media, Thailand has given its 70 million inhabitants and about 40 million tourists a year legal access to cannabis – with minimal regulation. Florian Rister travelled to the country earlier this year and reports on the current situation for consumers, dealers and producers.

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