Dr. med. Dipl.-Chem. Konrad F. Cimander

Dr. med. Dipl.-Chem. Konrad F. Cimander

Specialist in general medicine, addiction medicine and cannabis medicine

Dr. Cimander is a specialist in general medicine, addiction medicine and cannabis medicine. He studied chemistry and human medicine at the WWU in Münster. After his studies and doctorate, he became head of the “medical research department central nervous system” at Duphar Pharma Hannover. Initially, he worked for nine years on the research and development of new psychoactive drugs in the pharmaceutical industry. In 1993, he founded the Competence Center for Addiction Medicine and Infectiology, which he headed until 2021. After 2022, Dr. Cimander founded the Competence Center for Cannabis Medicine in Hannover. This was followed by activities as a lecturer in general medicine at the Hannover Medical School and then 14 years of lecturing at the medical faculty of the University of Göttingen in the field of addiction, psychopharmacology and prevention. Dr. Cimander is chairman and member of many other medical professional and interest groups. After 2020, Dr. Cimander will take over the organization and scientific direction of the Medical Cannabis Congress in Berlin for two years. In addition, he has been a founding member of the Deutsche Medizinal-Cannabis Gesellschaft e.V. (DMCG) since 2020 and its chairman since 2022. Important focal points for him are the scientific investigation of medical issues and health care research. Dr. Cimander has been Chairman of the German Medical Cannabis Society since 2022.

Medical cannabis for psychiatric disorders

Congress Room

The first systematic review of emerging medicinal uses of cannabis in the treatment of the most common psychiatric disorders has been conducted. At this stage, there is evidence that both the whole plant and cannabinoids isolated from plants can be effective: In Dr. Cimander’s lecture you will learn more about the limits and possibilities of […]