Christina Liedtke

Christina Liedtke


Christina Liedtke was born in Berlin in 1955 and grew up here.
She is married and has a daughter and two grandchildren. In 2000 she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Before she became disabled, she worked as a medical assistant in various disciplines, finally in general medicine.
She knows the potential and the effects of cannabis. Now she’s committed to protecting the environment and trying to talk to people about cannabis to change their minds

“The legalized patient – cannabis on prescription even after legalization?”

Congress Room

Germany’s plans to legalize cannabis as a stimulant are currently making waves. In the discussions about the modalities of dispensing, one crucial aspect is being neglected: the future of medical cannabis supply for seriously ill patients. Against this background, we would like to discuss what the supply of medical cannabis should look like in the […]