Representation of Women in the Cannabusiness [English]

Congress Room

The development of a legal cannabis industry has brought up to schedule many creative initiatives headed by women. We have seen different portraits and rankings showing how women are leading these opportunities, and of course, how influential their entrepreneurship is  to the future of the whole industry. Nevertheless, the reality of cannabis industry, even with the distinctions from place to place, is as well shaped by gender inequalities. It is already shown by research done in legalized markets that the female representation used to normalize cannabis are most exclusively dominated by white, hetero-normative femininity. The presentation proposed here consists in a provocation of thought about the moralities that “normality” imposed through female representations enforce, as well as how the reproduction of these moralities end up closing places of speech that are not in accordance with what is expected by the establishment.

Keynotes: Female representation in the cannabis industry; The “doings” of women in the cannabis industry; Transforming the deviant and the normal; Stigmatization processes; Gender inequalities.

Industrie Society