Cannabis and constitutional law – The need for a judicial campaign

Congress Room

Since 2004, the Federal Constitutional Court has no longer dealt with cannabis criminalization. There was no single judge’s guideline under Art. 100 GG. This is true despite the fact that the prevalent German public, the majority of criminal law professors and also some parts of politics agree that the ban on cannabis is unconstitutional. Many international countries have also legalized many countries and many have approved cannabis as a medicine. The WHO is considering a downgrading of cannabis on the list of dangerous substances. Since the legislature does not react, it is time for the Federal Constitutional Court to re-examine the cannabis prohibition agreement with the Basic Law. Not only the times but also the legal views are changing. Now it is time to convince German criminal judges to submit cannabis procedures to the Federal Constitutional Court for examination. But every single person who is convicted of cannabis can call on the Federal Constitutional Court for examination. Even if the Constitutional Court does not remedy the unconstitutional state, then each use will nevertheless show success in the thinking of the population, and thereby the pressure on the policy to change the Cannabis laws increase. Many drops hollow the stone. And that is the goal of the judicial campaign