Address of the fair grounds
Arena Berlin
Eichenstr. 4
12435 Berlin |www.arena.berlin
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With all tickets our visitors have free admission to the after show party on Saturday.

There are next to the fair grounds free & paid parking areas available. Due to the limited number of parking spaces, we recommend using public transport such as S-Bahn and U-Bahn. For example with the U1 to Schlesisches Tor or with the Ringbahn S41 / S42 to Treptower Park.

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed in the Arena Berlin.

You can bring a plastic water bottle. For more regulations please have a look at the location’s house rules: Click here (German).
A re-entry is unfortunately not possible with the day ticket.

General information for exhibitors as well the list of exhibitors you will find HERE.

The popular outdoor area of Mary Jane Berlin invites our visitors to stay and have a cigarette or enjoy some of the international refreshments with many live-acts.

Hall Plan
The current hall plan you find under www.maryjane-berlin.com/en/exhibitors-plan/.

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Minimum Age
Minimum age for visiting the fair is 18 years, children are allowed in the company of parents.

Details on the route to Mary Jane Berlin you will find here:

The sale of cannabis seeds is prohibited in Germany.

Severe disability
The Arena Halle is a ground-level and therefore barrier-free event area. If the mark “B”, “Bl”, “GL”, “aG” or “H” is in your disability card, admission is free of charge for the accompanying person.

Smoking is forbidden in the fair hall of Mary Jane Berlin. But smokers are welcome in the big outdoor area.


1) Order your tickets in the online ticket shop (see homepage) to save waiting time at the ticket counter.

2) All online tickets can go to the expo entrance right away.

3) During all days of the fair, the tickets are available at the regular ticket prices at the ticket office. 

4) Tickets are transferrable, the name on the ticket is not relevant.

5) The Saturday ticket can also be redeemed at the entrance on Friday or Sunday. But it’s not the case the other way around. For this, the Friday / Sunday ticket must first be exchanged on-site at the ticket counter in the Saturday ticket with 5 € surcharge.

We kindly ask our visitors to use the disposable garbage cans for the waste.