Hydroponic Professional With Over 9 Years Experience

Who Are We ?

Founded in the 2000s, Sinowell has become the top hydroponic manufacturer, serving both OEM and ODM customers with a global reach of more than 50 countries, and an assortment of over 200 different products including: Reflectors, Ballasts, Lamps, Air filters, Fans and more – everything needed to build a complete hydroponic system. We also regularly work with customers who have specific specifications and product designs. At Sinowell, we are the complete solution with everything you need in house. From our R&D labs, to the manufacturing plant that has regulated quality control systems and testing procedures. You can be confident that when you work with us, your product concept will be built with the highest quality standards in the industry to your exact needs and requirements.

Innovation is at the center of Sinowell’s core values. Our R&D labs are constantly involved in the development of ground breaking and cutting edge technologies. Through these breakthroughs, we are bringing patented designs to the market that are pushing the industry forward. We believe in constant improvement, and our ability as an industry leader to serve our customers and their needs to the best of our abilities.

Mission Statement
At Sinowell, our mission is to grow the world in the best environment possible through the advancement and innovation of hydroponic product manufacturing. In addition to producing a quality product for our customers, we also believe in offering the highest value. When comparing the quality and value of our products and the services we provide, no other manufacturer comes close.