You are demanding! You ‘re looking for the best products! You strive for superior quality and the highest yield! You want to grow your plants and crops in the best environment, and under the best circumstances. But you ’re also environmentally conscious, and you don’t want to make use of polluting inorganic toxical chemical products.

Then you don ‘t compromise and choose for the sustainable superior (OSA) Products of Organic 4 Life.

All entirely natural bio-organic products with a powerful long lasting effect on the growth and flowering of plants and crops.

The start sign of our research and development was our interest in new biostimulants,  and the first use of ORTHOSILICIC ACID (OSA) by Professor DIRK VANDEN BERGHE from BELGIUM. He was the first to demonstrate that difficult to handle molecules existing in nature such as silicic acid, could be concentrated in a bioavailable form and used for humans, animals, plants and crops. Thus a totally neglected element came in the actuality. It was shown that all organisms could benefit from ORTHOSILICIC ACID  (OSA) when it was concentrated in the right form. Silicic acids are difficult to concentrate and to follow in vivo. From this invention on it was possible to concentrate bioavailable silicon and to dose it. A new anti-stress compound for plant and crop was born.

Striving for perfect plant and crop growing conditions we focused further on the use of this compound and the synergy with other natural compounds. This resulted in the development of other interesting natural formulations needed for organic cultivation of plants and crops.

This led to the creation of our unique Organic 4 Life product family, consisting of natural high-quality bio-organic products, specifically tailored to the needs of the most demanding growers. It contains the ideal combination of natural bio-organic growth stimulators with absorbable active ingredients. They have a rapid and long-lasting effect, and stimulate a vigorous and healthy growth and flowering, which results in a sustainable excellent harvest and a superior (end)product.