Producer and Supplier of High-Quality Nutrients and Additives for Flowers and Plants.

Plants that grow outside of their natural environment, do not have enough with only soil and water. They can use some extra nutrients. For a nice compact growth and an exuberant bloom, HY-PRO delivers a unique series of products. They are based on intensive research and more than thirty years of experience. The products have won numerous awards since 1990.

HY-PRO nutrition has been around for almost 23 years. We started the company in 1990 and our products have been winning awards ever since. Our nutrition is created by experienced growers who know exactly what a plant needs, and when it needs it. Our basic nutrients have been carefully put together so that it has everything in it that you need, and no more, which means that you do not need dozens of different bottles or boosters. HY-PRO offers everything your plants need.

HY-PRO nutrition ensures extra stimulation of the various plant processes. As it has been ever since we produced our first soil mixes, sourcing the biological nutrient elements for them from the lap of Mother Nature.

HY-PRO offers basic nutrition for both indoor and outdoor growing (HY-PRO Terra and HY-PRO A/B) as well as a Rootstimulator, a Spraymix to keep your leaves in optimal condition and a pH regulator to keep your growing medium in top condition for top results.