The trend towards growing exotic, climate sensitive plants with hydroponic and aeroponic systems spreading in recent years more and more. Just the elimination of different culture media, and disposal associated make the cultivation of these systems and tide tables to an increasingly popular method of cultivation.

Many plants and friends have this, this available for several years, for that reason alone discovered tide tables in your different dimensions for themselves because they wonderfully suitable as a coaster for several plant pots and accumulate and dissipate excess irrigation water at one point leaves.

growing our favorite plants without any media such as soil, coco or rockwool made the application and the use of flood tables are steadily increasing. ask only what the tide table, adjust without the risk of tipping over and Durchhängens. How the necessary angle of inclination when using the tide tables as hydroponic or aeroponic system in possibly even uneven ground? . Not to mention the lost place among the various constructions Like most I decided at the beginning of the method from the hardware store and the pub around the corner – two folding wooden trestles and a few Coaster.

As the construction now also a reservoir under should accommodate the tide table without having to perform an obstacle course during filling, needed a solution that is moreover durable, highly customizable using a Homebox or other Grow cabinet in height and potentially possible can be extended by using a larger box or Halle.

So at that time there was only the opportunity to go to the hardware store and full screws to build of wood and a hand something themselves. the development was then a zersägtes and in other dimensions back together welded metal shelving from the furniture store. But not all are technically gifted or have the time to deal with the construction of your very specially designed tide table racks.So had its own “furniture” here!