We, the FIRE-FLOW™ team, are an expanding “recreational” brand from Berlin.

As a designer and distributor of CLIPPER® lighters, we are internationally known in the scene.

Due to our high quality standards, the passion for authentic designs and the focus on different subcultures, we were able to successfully establish ourselves as a brand on the market.

In addition to CLIPPER®, we develop, design and sell many other smoker products for the head & grow, subculture, smoking accessories (RBA) and souvenir sectors.



  • the most legendary CLIPPER® selection.
  • seven CLIPPER® product categories with a constantly growing selection.
  • over 200 different clipper collections.
  • own CLIPPER® printing.
  • Metal grinders in different sizes and colors – designed & produced in house
  • the JAYSAFE – the ultimate joint holder case
  • a huge selection of rolling tray & ashtray designs