Ceramic and clay, materials that have been used since ancient times for a multitude of purposes, and in various cultures all over the world to create smoking tools.
Our team, decided to re-discover an ancient technique for smoking, blending it today with his know how acquired in 20 years of chillum making.
This is how Filter-it is born, a ceramic filter tip, the best way enjoy your joint.

Filter-it is  environmentally friendly,  it’s re-usable (no more tips on the ground), and doesn’t alter the taste of what you smoke.
Ceramic has the property of “catching” the combustion waste and  brings back a more holistic approach to smoking which focuses on enhancing the flavor, refreshing and reduces waste, with a simple twist of the paper, when u are close to the end, you can enjoy all your smoke until the last puff. Filter it is available in many different  colors  and sizes, to satisfy also the most demanding smokers