Welcome to canncura, your telemedicine expert for medical cannabis, straight from the heart of Cologne. With our unique offering, we provide patients with access to high-quality medical cannabis to expand treatment options and improve quality of life.

With userem team of experienced physicians, we rely on in-depth knowledge and a strong medical network to provide the best possible care. But we are more than just a telemedicine company – we see ourselves as a partner and companion for patients on their journey to improved health.

At the upcoming Cannabis Fair, we will be showcasing our services and products. With us on site will be Dr. Claudiu Gavril, a recognized expert in the field of medical cannabis. He will give you an in-depth insight into the world of medical cannabis and answer any questions you may have. Take this opportunity to benefit from his expertise and get a comprehensive education on the uses, benefits, and any concerns you may have with medical cannabis.

At canncura, our goal is to help patients safely access medical cannabis while advancing education and awareness around this important topic. Visit us at the show and let us inform you about an alternative therapeutic pathway. We look forward to meeting you and engaging in conversation.