CannaShot Energy Drink by CannaShock – A delicious and unique energy drink with the addictive taste of cannabis. The uniqueness of the invigorating CannaShock energy  drink is the included syringe with green colored cannabis extract. By injecting it into the can you can create your own cannabis energy drink.

How does CannaShot work?
Its easy! Open the can and inject the cannabis extract into the CannaShot energy drink. With CannaShot by CannaShock you instantly experience a shocking delicious taste sensation.

Contains no psychoactive THC
CannaShot contains no THC, the psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants. Because of this you will not experience a high or stoned feeling, even after several cans. However, because of the higher levels of caffeine we recommend to drink CannaShot only in limited quantities.

Content can of energy drink:
250 ml

CannaShot contains 31 mg. of caffeine and 0.38 grams of taurine per 100 ml. Furthermore, the energy drink contains, inter alia, calcium, vitamin B6 hydrochloride and vitamin B12.