CannaCosmetics is a young company from Berlin, offering among other things in your online shop beauty products that pamper your skin with the gifts of nature.

The hemp oil contained in the goods of CannaCosmetics was used in ancient times as a skin care product, because the benefits of its active ingredients are obvious: the proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids in hemp oil is approximately 75%. Your pleasant effect is to promote the regeneration of the skin barrier and its ability to moisturize. Also, the hemp oil is an excellent natural source of vitamin E and other powerful antioxidants.

CannaCosmetics also provides information, researches the hemp oil as a major ingredient of cosmetic and remains at new developments of ointments, lotions and gels with the oil organically grown cannabis plants on the ball for your health future. The products sold are 100% animal-free and vegan. CannaCosmetics wishes you enjoy browsing and care!