Black Leaf

Black Leaf is a German producer of high-quality glass pieces, vaporizers and smoking accessories. Their selection features an impressive number of options, ranging from standard hand pipes and bubbles to unique tree percs and honeycomb styles. Everything is made with affordability and usability in mind, making the selection from Black Leaf ideal for both beginners and experienced smokers.

The company was founded as an offshoot of world-famous distributor Near Dark. No longer content with standing on the sidelines, Near Dark owner Ernst Meerbeck created the line as a way to express his personal tastes and interests in the glass production industry. The result is the constantly growing line of glass smoking products under the Black Leaf label. They currently run a popular head shop overlooking the Hanfbach (Hemp river – where else?) in Hennef, near Cologne, where you will find plenty of dedicated smokers with a passion for superior smoking products.

Black Leaf is always expanding its line of water pipes, vaporizers, hand pipes and accessories to keep customers satisfied and eager for more. They love to hear feedback and engage with their customers on social media to gather valuable input on what they should come up with next. Thanks to their excellent price point and slick design, they’ve managed to build up a reputation for reliable quality at a fair price. You’re sure to find a great piece of glass that matches your individual smoking style in their large selection!