Aeroponik Systems

What makes the aeroponic system

Flexible and economical – a must for the modern grow.

From the Basic and to the master systems You are on the safe side.
A sophisticated concept is the solution for the future.
Regardless of your needs and the size can use the
adapt aeroponic watering system ideally to every challenge.
The easy and flexible handling, shows the experience and
the know-how in every detail of the system components.

The aeroponic cultivation completely dispensed with any medium and therefore on costs.

In this revolutionary new planters the entire root zone is irrigated by a circulating nutrient solution.
The roots of the plant absorb the nutrients through the irrigation of the dropper, micro sprayer from above.
The roots lie or hang in the air and are supplied optimally with oxygen and nutrients.
The constant exchange of fresh oxygen and circulating nutrients the root zone is thus maximized and optimized.
This has accelerated growth and an increase in earnings result.