Exhibitor Info


As Mary Jane Berlin launched in 2016, it turned the whole European hemp industry on it’s head with over 10,000 visitors and 120 international exhibitors. And next year will get much better: A new bigger location directly on the shore of the river “Spree” with over 20,000m2 and an outside beach area will be rented. More than 30,000 visitors & 300 exhibitors from all over the world are expected.

With Mary Jane as the biggest cannabis exhibition in the trendy district of Berlin offers a unique opportunity to establish contacts on the young cannabis market and at the same time to convince a large young interested audience to buy your products.

Mary Jane Berlin wants to show the visitors the variety of the green power plant. Therefore, exhibitors from many different areas are requested: on the one hand merchant diversity by manufacturers, wholesalers or distributors and on the other hand industry diversity of cannabis products and their accessories, such as food, cosmetics, textiles, building materials, as well as lighters, smoking accessories, head shops, grow shops, utensils for plant breeding and many other products should to be present.

The exhibition will be advertised early and throughout Germany with a focus on Berlin by planned marketing through various advertising channels such as print media (posters, flyers etc.) and audio media (radio, etc. ). In particular, through social media will be used to reach a broad mass in a most effective manner.

Benefits for our Exhibitors:

– Diversity of the product ranges and services offered by exhibitors from all over the world
– Important and valuable business contacts both nationally and internationally
– Direct proximity to market players and products
– Direct proximity to potential customers
– Unique location
– Dedicated and flexible organization team supporting your individual exhibition planning
– You are among the first who exhibit at Germany’s biggest Cannabis Expo Numerous advertising opportunities

For further questions regarding registration, exhibition space or for special requests, we are available under:

duc@maryjane-berlin.com or by telephone under +49 174 – 4888 888 (Duc)