What does cannabis legalization mean for Berliners?

The new Cannabis law (CanG)

This is now set to change with partial legalization. The Bundestag has decided on the controlled release of cannabis in Germany, a central project of the traffic light coalition. Possession and cultivation of the drug is to become legal for adults with certain conditions on April 1. No later than 18 months after the law comes into force, an initial assessment is to be made of its impact on the protection of children and young people, among other things.

The law provides for adult consumers to be able to obtain cannabis via non-commercial cultivation associations or cannabis clubs (more on this later).

In addition, possession and consumption will be conditionally exempt from punishment for adults: You are allowed to carry up to 25 grams, possess up to 50 grams at home and grow up to three cannabis plants for personal consumption.

Well, there is a contradiction here: three plants usually yield a much larger harvest. Now you have the glorious choice between throwing it away or growing less – because passing it on is not an option and exceeding the maximum possession limit makes you liable to prosecution again.

But hey, smoking weed in the laid-back capital is easy! Then you just go to the Görli (again), have a relaxed smoke at the weekly market on Maybachufer or quickly roll yourself a joint at the main train station because the train is waiting – or not. Even after legalization, almost nowhere in Berlin is it officially allowed to smoke weed in public.

For a long time, the purchase, possession and cultivation of cannabis was considered an absolute taboo subject. Fines or prison sentences were often the consequence. Pain patients were “lucky” because medicinal cannabis has been legal on prescription for several years – but it was still frowned upon by the Karen next door. After all, weed remains weed and anyone who takes a pleasurable drag on a fuse is therefore a criminal!

Where are the cannabis prohibition zones in Berlin?

The law stipulates that consumption in the vicinity of schools, playgrounds, daycare centers and public sports facilities remains prohibited at a distance of 100 meters. Smoking is also prohibited in pedestrian zones from 7 am to 8 pm. So relaxed, legal smoking is now only possible in Brandenburg after all, as the mother city is too densely populated? Many Berliners are now rightly asking themselves “Mr. Scholz, when is bubatz legal?” when a rough look at the city map shows: Berlin consists mainly of red zones where smoking pot remains prohibited.

What do the Berlin police say about cannabis legalization?

But don’t panic, we are ultimately grateful for the two green places that stand out particularly within the S-Bahn ring: Tempelhofer Feld and Tiergarten. But only as long as the party pooper CDU and SPD are not planning any new daycare centers, true to the motto: “Counteract drug use”. Until then, however, the Berlin police will no longer have anything to complain about. Even if they will now be paying particular attention to the issue. “We will notice it in our controls. We may also notice it in the number of accidents,” said police vice-president Marco Langner.

Of course, we are also grateful for the Kotti, because in addition to the numerous juicy kebab stalls, stoners can find an area of several generous square meters on the eastern side of the square under the subway viaduct where it is legal to smoke. Just like in the old days, you can play cat and mouse with the police and save yourself at the last moment with all your might in the safe space, if it hasn’t already been taken over by tourists and after-hours Berghain ravers.

Ban Zones

Where can I buy legal cannabis in Berlin?

But what are cannabis clubs and are they legal?

Cannabis clubs, also known as cannabis social clubs or cannabis lounges, are private associations that allow their members to consume cannabis in a communal environment. These clubs can focus on both recreational and medicinal uses of cannabis, depending on local laws and regulations.

The legality and operation of cannabis clubs varies greatly from country to country, and even from state to state within the same country. In some regions, cannabis clubs are fully legal and regulated, while in others they may operate illegally or in a legal gray area.

In general, however, they follow a similar model:

In order to use a cannabis club, individuals usually need to become members. This can be done by paying a membership fee or by meeting other criteria. Many cannabis clubs are also subject to strict regulation to ensure that they comply with local laws. This may include restricting cannabis use to the club premises and adhering to health and safety standards. Most cannabis clubs offer a variety of cannabis products, which can range from dried flowers to edibles and concentrates. Some clubs also offer educational sessions or events to promote cannabis culture.

Before joining a cannabis club or using its services, it is important to check the local laws and ensure that a cannabis club complies with current regulations.

Or you can just leave it alone and follow the old Berlin rule: bans are good for ban lovers. Berliners do their own thing anyway, as they always say.

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