Wunderbaum Experts

Wunderbaum Expert  shop was open in 2015 in Vienna with a simple goal, to offer other growers  cannabis clones in the quality that we never could find in other shops across Europe.

With 20 years of experience of growing, we know what good clones are and how important factor they are in the grow cycle. That is why we offer only clones that we would also grow our selves!

For a few years now we have been selecting the very best genetics of cannabis across Europe and finally we can offer them in one place, in the quantity that can satisfy every serious grower. We are the only shop in Europe 100% dedicated on cannabis clones, we don’t offer any equipment or nutrients. Cannabis clones are our speciality and that is why we can confidently say we produce the best cannabis clones in Europe!

Each of our cannabis sorts has been thoroughly tested. Our mother plants and our cannabis clones are grown in a sterile environment using state of the art equipment and nutrients. They are treated with the best nutrients and boosters on the market. And in our house they develop great resistance and vigour. They are guaranteed pest and fungus free. We renew our mother plants on a yearly basis so that our clones are always fresh..

We are here to provide you with the best possible start, the rest is up to you! 🙂