Budmaster UK

We design all our lamps from the ground up here in our base in North Wales and we source primarily UK manufacturers for components and raw materials.
We pride ourselves on producing a highly efficient horticultural lighting fixture with a high build quality and a long lifespan with high efficiency maintained throughout the lamps lifespan.

Our led grow lights come with several different light engine options to help fit the end users’ needs more exactly and efficiently than any other horticultural led on the market today, we can also offer bespoke services to customize ratio or led technology to your requirements.

One of the reasons we picked Marl to manufacture our PCB and lamps is simply that they are the best in Europe and have been working in the led industry since 1970. With highly skilled and conscientious staff at every level of their business they truly work as one large family all focused on led perfection, couple this with their state of the art SMT center running three complete production line SMT systems and the end results is truly exceptional.

Every step of every process is documented and tested thoroughly to comply with ISO 9001, CE, ROHS and CUL / UL legislations ensuring a 100% safe and quality end result. For example, every single board that is produced for us is then tested in a purpose-built jig to ensure high quality standards and then each board in each batch is allocated and assessed individually before being signed off by an experienced operator.