Michael Beck

Michael Beck

Specialist in Cannabis Cultivation

My name is Michael Beck. Some may know me by the synonym “MoD” under which I founded the seed bank “Alpine-Seeds” in 2009. I have written for several hemp magazines under different author names, including the THCene, the Hanfblatt or the English Skunk magazine. In 2006, I started a learning course in molecular genetics for three years, which I unfortunately could not complete because of my former employer, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. In 2013, I wrote the “Encyclopedia of Cannabis Breeding”, a book that deals exclusively with the breeding and heredity of cannabis sativa and details and describes the genetic side of hemp.

Breeds, selections and medicinal cannabis cultivation

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Medical cannabis cultivation is increasingly coming into the focus of cannabis companies. But according to which pharmaceutical standards must be grown? What do you need to comply with the GMP regulations and which documentary requirements do you have to fulfill as a company so that the medicinal source substance “cannabis” can be considered a GMP […]

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