Dr. Christian Kessler

Dr. Christian Kessler

Doctor of Naturopathy

Dr. med. Christian Kessler has been working at the Department of Naturopathy at the Immanuel Hospital since 2009: since 2013 as senior physician for research coordination and project management, previously as assistant physician and research assistant in the Department of Naturopathy and the Outpatient Clinic for Naturopathy. Dr. med. Christian Kessler conducts research at the Immanuel Hospital Berlin as part of the endowed professorship for clinical naturopathy at the Institute for Social Medicine, Epidemiology and Health Economics of the Charité Medical University. He is an expert in Traditional Indian Medicine and Ayurveda as well as studied Indologist (M.A.). The aim of his work is to actively involve patients in their own healing processes through the activation of self-healing powers and self-care as therapeutic partners.

Cannabinoids in medicine 2018 – lots of sense, lots of nonsense. An update from practice.

Congress Room

Since March 2017, the prescribing ability of cannabinoids in medicine has changed fundamentally. Nevertheless, there is still a long list of ambiguities among patients and prescribers, for example: for whom? at what? who is paying? where to relate? how to take? which risks? Drive? On the medical side there are often exaggerated fears, on the […]